Reimagining venture capital for ambitious founders.

We provide an alternative to traditional venture capital funding for world-class class startups and early-stage companies.

Venture Advisory

Develop a professional corporate strategy and prepare your company to raise capital.

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Funding & Liquidity

Access alternative venture capital funding between $500k - $10m with understanding, flexibility, and fair terms.

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Scaling Up

Plug in to our network of industry experts, boost your publicity, and connect with new strategic partners and customers.

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We are a venture advisory firm based in Melbourne & Sydney, Australia.

Our passion is finding and working with exceptional founders to create real value. We believe the current funding model for early-stage startups is broken with too many high-quality companies falling through the cracks.
Here's how we're changing it.

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You have our full attention.

We work with five startups per year, not fifty. When you partner with us you have our complete attention.

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Our value creation process

Every company is unique, so a reliable process is essential to creating and extracting value efficiently.


We spend time getting to know your business back to front so we know exactly how you need to pitch when presenting to institutional investors.


We lead your investment round and create a shortlist from hundreds of key investors in our network to present to.

Scale Up

Legal, accounting, media / publicity, and potential customers are some of the first value-adds we activate.


We unlock additional value and cheap capital by structuring a liqudity event such as an IPO or trade sale.


What do we look for?

We work with companies in a broad range of industries and it’s never too early to talk with us.

Our three primary criteria are global potential, passionate founding team, and ease of scale.


We invest in people.

We’re an ideal partner for founders that know what they need to do and how to do it.

While we work intensively with our portfolio companies to help create value, our founder-first philosophy allows us to stay out of your way and let you execute your plan.

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Pitch us!

We prefer to get involved in the process as early as possible to avoid any potential mistakes, so book a meeting now to discuss your options.


Level 33
264 George St
Sydney, NSW